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Computer Chassis

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Nearly every modern product with any kind of electronic function has a computer built in to its system to drive those electronic operations. Because this includes products such as rugged field computers, power generators, armored vehicles, and countless medical, automotive, and consumer products, the computers these products contain can take on many different forms. Production Engineering Corporation has the capabilities to deliver computer chassis that meet any design requirements.

Through precision sheet metal fabrication, welding, and other processes, we can create chassis for both computers and the electronic components they work in tandem with. We can deliver both the outside casing and any internal brackets, braces, bus bars, card files, grid work, or harnesses your designs require.

In addition to chassis, we can also provide many of the interior components that may be a part of your products’ computer systems. From machining heat sinks to forming support brackets and more, we offer a wide range of services for complete turnkey service. Painting, finishing, and other secondary services are also available.

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